Experience a powerful karmic healing in a three day Spiritual Retreat in the mountains Amidst valley's, trees, birds and nature.


  1.  Heal yourself
  2. Release stress and anxiety
  3. Learn how to work through your fears and pain
  4. Feel at one with yourself
  5. Connect with and understand energy, learn how to make it work for you. Master the laws of Attraction, to help you draw into your life all the abundance and harmony that is rightfully yours & move onto a path of goal fulfilment & self realization

you will:

Rest / Restore / Rejuvenate
Body / Mind   and    Spirit

  1. A Workshop of learning
  2. Meditations in the forest
  3. Mantra Healing
  4. Sacred Chants
  5. Chakra Balancing
  6. Healing with powerful crystals
  7. Past life Regression
  8. Dance

We are beings of energy, in a vortex that ebbs and flows. This ebb and flow is what determines the quality of our lives and existence, and the degree to which we have a capacity to succeed in our endeavours, and live in a state of peace contentment and happiness. The smooth flow of energy ensures good health, happiness and abundance that creates a magnet to draw, create, and hold in our lives all that is good and fulfilling.

Physical, emotional or spiritual imbalances in your life that cause you to be ill at ease with some aspect of your life, If left unaddressed, eventually result in disease, stress, tension, negative attitudes and emotions, anxieties, and fear. Environmental pollution, gadgets like computers, cell phones , television and microwaves that generate electromagnetic smog along with geopathic stress all add to our state of:

  1. Restlessness
  2. Anger / Rage / Jealousy
  3. Problems with Communication / Self Esteem/ Relationships/ Weight
  4. Sleep disorders / Migraines …. Etc

All these Effectively end up creating barriers in your life that block the flow of abundance and keep you from achieving your dreams and living your life to the fullest.

At the retreat, you will
Get in touch with your invisible body ie your aura, and find out what it has to tell you
about the hidden aspects of your psyche

Know what the masters, your spirit guides, and Beings-of-light in higher dimensions are trying to tell you about your life....Hear their guidance

Balance and harmonise your chakras through powerful crystal healing sessions

Know what your karmic life path is meant to be in this life journey. Find out what guidance the cards are giving you

Resolve a present issue in your life through a Past-life-regression to help you heal

Through guided meditations in the forest, explore the deeper aspects of your multidimensional self, to connect with your higher self.

Learn and understand the nature of energy and how to make it work for you to enhance your personal power to attract into your life all that you desire.

Clear your blocks and come away with the secrets that will help you manifest in your life all the abundance and harmony that is rightfully yours....To help you move onto a path of goal fulfilment and self realization.


The Benefits of this retreat are profound Watch the magic unfold

A Few Testimonials

Meenakshi Arora


"Thank you Bindu,I finally have found myself through this retreat. Amazing experiences!.

Thank you for everything"

Aman Singh


"Superb execution of the programme. Full of positivity and comfort. Genuine concern and empathy from Bindu. I Was able to connect with myself,relax and see the 'other' side manifest some fantastic ideas,practices and recommend- ations to adopt and live by. It was absolutely worthwhile to be here and get a chance to revisit these brilliant useful beautiful thoughts and get a chance to internalise them for building a great life .WILL LOVE TO JOIN AGAIN"

Ruchi Mahajan

"Absolutely Fabulous!It felt like coming back home. The group felt like family. One of the most INTENSE yet PEACEFUL experiences I ve ever had. Thank you Bindu"

Kavita Mathai




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